Friday, December 12, 2014

After the show


I'm so sorry that my topic had been changed...
I wanted to give and share my mind of smoking. But, I could't prepare perfectly and I was confused that we talked on the internet. So, I'm telling you shortly that my thoughts. I don't like people who are smoking in the street and outside even though i'm smoker. On the other hand, I can feel their mind. When I was in Italy, i saw people who smoked on the ticketing line and restaurant, public squares... everywhere. But, nobody care about that worst behavior. I was so curious that if they were in Korea, they wouldn't live in their town. In conclusion, I think that we try to respect smoker's rights. They paid for the cigarettes that have tax for our society. They won't smoke in cafe, PC방, billiard hall...and their home next year. Where can they smoke in Korea? We have to complain to the Government. The Government has to make various plan.
I have been really happy to study with you guys and Jeff. I haven't had class like this. It was to feel free and more comfortable, active  than other class.
Thank you guys keep in touch!


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