Friday, December 12, 2014

After the show


I'm so sorry that my topic had been changed...
I wanted to give and share my mind of smoking. But, I could't prepare perfectly and I was confused that we talked on the internet. So, I'm telling you shortly that my thoughts. I don't like people who are smoking in the street and outside even though i'm smoker. On the other hand, I can feel their mind. When I was in Italy, i saw people who smoked on the ticketing line and restaurant, public squares... everywhere. But, nobody care about that worst behavior. I was so curious that if they were in Korea, they wouldn't live in their town. In conclusion, I think that we try to respect smoker's rights. They paid for the cigarettes that have tax for our society. They won't smoke in cafe, PC방, billiard hall...and their home next year. Where can they smoke in Korea? We have to complain to the Government. The Government has to make various plan.
I have been really happy to study with you guys and Jeff. I haven't had class like this. It was to feel free and more comfortable, active  than other class.
Thank you guys keep in touch!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014


To be living healthy

  We have many ways of How we keep our health. For example, some people eat only vegetables,
exercise everyday, take a rest well. Well-being life is more important than past. Also I'm interested in
keeping my body. So these are what i chose the best life.
  First, We have to get some organic foods. The fresh food effects the body directly. We are familiar with instant products and we can get them easily. If you get a lot of fast-food, you will die earlier than
desired life time.
  And, have regular life like exercising. Especially, you have to quit smoking. As you know, smoking
causes various diseases with cancer. I have had swimming class in the morning for 8 month, than it makes me feel better and helps to sleep well. Why don't you find your hobbies for healthy life?
  In conclusion, We are living in the other country. Every culture is different. But that i suggest the way is going to help you definitely. Make sure i want you to quit smoking even though i can't do that.
I hope that you would be healthy and happy.

Q1. How do you think about smoking on the street?
Q2. How do we quit to smoke?
Q3. What is your best food you think?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Critsiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

The best football player in the world I think

He is my role-model and hero.
I grew up watching him play and I was happy to see the his game when he was in United.
I used to watch the all games of United Because Ji-Sung Park was in the United.
When I first saw the Ronaldo, I thought he was so skinny boy and arrogant.
But he developed his body and his game and went on to dominate the EPL.
He than moved from United to Real Madrid in 2009 with a huge transfer fee.
I didn't like this transfer. I wanted him to stay at Manchester.
Because of his transfer, I have now become a fan of Real Madrid and watch most of their games.
Few month ago, When the transfer window was opend, I saw the article saying that Ronaldo is likely to come back to Manchester! What a amazing news is! So I really hope he returns to United.
I think The Red uniform looks the best on him.

His Individual Awards


          UEFA Euro Team of the Tournament: 2004, 2012

                                         < When I was at Old Trafford in Manchester >

Q 1. Who is the best football player in your life?
    2. How do you think about the transfer? Would it be possible?
    3. Will Manchester United be better If he comes back?
    4. Do you like to watch football games?
    5. When and where is the next world cup?

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I made a video on my favorite song
I've been 감천문화마을. There are so many tourist as me.
I want you to visit there if you haven't. It was cooool!


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